Recovery position

With thanks to St John Ambulance.


1. If the person is unresponsive but still breathing.

2. The casualty after a seizure.

3. The casualty starts to move, talk, respond after receiving Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

4. Maintain an open airway so the casualty can breath and remove any airway obstruction.

1. Make sure the scene is safe.

2. To one side place one arm to the side and straighten one leg. Place the other arm across the chest with hands against their cheeks.

3. Lift the other knee upright at 90 degree angle.

4. Hold on to the upright new and arm against the cheek and pull and roll the casualty towards you.

5. Position the rolled leg at the right angle. Tilt the head and lift chin to
open airway.

6. Stay with the casualty till help arrives.  

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