1. Strip Adhesive Bandages: used for minor cuts & wounds and to slow down bleeding.

2. Patch Adhesive Bandages: used for large cuts & wounds and to slow down bleeding.

3. Fingertip Bandage and Knuckle Bandage: used for cuts, bleedings, wounds, burns on the tip of the fingers or on the knuckle.

4. Sterile Gauze Pad: used for bleeding, cuts, wounds on arms, legs, mouth, eyes, …

5. Sterile Eye Pad: used for eye injury.

6. Crepe Bandages: used for bleedings, wounds, soft tissue injuries, burns, fractures, dog bites...

7. Triangular Bandages and Safety Pins: used for arm, leg and head injuries.


1. Antibacterial Wipes: used to clean out small cuts, wounds, …

2. Normal Saline: used for washing out cuts, wounds, eye injuries, ...


3. Adhesive Tape: used to hold gauze pads, bandages and dressings...

4. Disposable Gloves: to protect yourself and the casualty from germs.

5. Cotton Swabs: used to clean wound and to apply cream or ointment.

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